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Eating my own dog food

lucy doctor

Growing up, I was always more enamored with Snoopy than the bully Lucy Van Pelt.  Though most definitely a shiksa,  she’s the kind of girl that gives “yenta” a bad name.  Much like witches, there are good yentas and bad yentas:   A good yenta provides you knowledge and wisdom about everything and a bad yenta is just an annoyance and gossip. In an homage to  Humpty Dumpty, I’ve hereby appropriated “Startup Yenta” to mean what I want it to mean: a coach and a matchmaker, which have in fact been my favorite roles in the past decade or so in the world of entrepreneurship.

Having been an entrepreneur enthusiast for this long, I figure it’s high time I take a dose of my own medicine, eat my own dogfood, and hang out my own shingle (at least as a writer). I’ve been dabbling as a contributor around town, and if history is any indication, on this site you may just hear from me on the following topics:

  • Investing
  • Startupssnoopy
  • Teams and leadership
  • Women in technology
  • Presentations and pitch competitions
  • Networking and community-building
  • Karaoke (Why? Because I love it. And it’s got great life lessons. And startup wisdom. And I love it.)

Because entrepreneurship is all about embracing uncertainty, I can’t make any promises about exactly what the future will hold. But as a fan of William Goldman’s Princess Bride,  in this blog I hope to bring you the “good parts version.”