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Just as there are bad witches and good witches, so there are good yentas and bad yentas. A good yenta provides you knowledge and wisdom about everything and a bad yenta is just an annoyance and gossip. I sure hope I’m a good yenta, much as I believe I’m the good kind of scorpio. I’m endlessly devoted to entrepreneurship, family, friends, and karaoke. 

RebeccaHeader.jpgRebeccaHeader.jpgCombining three great loves: karaoke, Vittana, and my brother's bar: Company.Karaoke at Company Bar

My name is Rebecca Lovell. I’ve had the good fortune of screening and mentoring hundreds of startups in Seattle (running the Alliance of Angels, Northwest Entrepreneur Network, and GeekWire, and mentoring at TechStars, Founder Institute, and 9Mile Labs). As a matchmaker and a coach, I’m a huge fan of our region and entrepreneurs pursuing their passions.

For more about me, check out my Vizify bio (ok, they’re a Portland-based startup but I have much love for that town too).

2 thoughts on “About Startup Yenta

  1. I require both matchmaking and karaoke. The former for my startup [currently in an accelerator (Fledge) and seeking co-founders] and the latter for my soul. Also, Yenta, I once played Chava in Fiddler on the Roof. Just saying.

    I just moved here from Portland and would love to meet! Let me know if /how/when that’s possible!


    1. Hi Lindsay and a warm welcome to Seattle! I just started a newly-created position as Startup Liaison for the City of Seattle, and as such, I’ll be doing weekly office hours at incubators around town. I’m setting up appointments at the Hub and hope to see you there! Otherwise please hit me up at rebecca.lovell@seattle.gov!

      PS, for karaoke, tweet at me @lovelletters. The Queen of Soul is in fact good for the soul!

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